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Feature 1: Strong faculty lineup. There are currently 12 full-time teachers including 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, and 1 lecturer, as well as 10 adjunct teachers. Feature 2: We have a well-designed, diversified and practically-oriented curriculum which consists of two major areas: “sightseeing tourism” and “dining management’ , at the same time conforming to the needs of domestic social development. Feature 3: Strengthened training of foreign languages. The department specially hires teachers who have studied in the UK, the United States, Japan, and South Korea to improve students’ foreign language ability, and actively encourage students to participate in the exchange programs with our sister schools. Feature 4: Emphasis on integrating practical training with employment. The department requires students to complete internships for 400 hours in the tourism-related industry; we provide relevant internship sites (such as restaurants, travel agencies, airlines, etc.) that meet such learning objectives, and encourage students to participate in practical training for professional ability at workplace. Additionally we invite graduates to return to school and share information of job opportunities. Feature 5: Strong alumni network: This department takes pride in its longest history of sightseeing business department in Taiwan. At present, many graduates hold important positions in the travel industry, aviation industry, hotel industry, and education industry, which makes the department a strong alumni network.


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