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Faculty line-up of Department of Tourism Industry with its master’s program

The department employs professors who are highly-accomplished in their academic expertise. Under the combination of theoretical foundation and practical experience, as well as the strengthening of professional practicality, the teaching content and teaching methods are therefore complete in covering both academic and practical elements. To promote our teaching quality and research level, the department actively recruit scholars and senior professors with doctoral degrees to teach, in addition to encouraging teachers to further their studies. We have currently twelve full-time teachers, including two professors, three associate professors, six assistant professors and one lecturer. The full-time teachers with their academic expertise are as follows:


Hsin-Yi Hsu

(Associate Professor and Chair)


  • Education:Ph.D., Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5102
  • Email:au4291@au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:Traveling health management, Sport tourism, Sport nutrition
  • Taught Courses:Traveling health management, Dining nutrition, Leisure and sport management


Chuan-Hung Yeh



  • Education:Ph.D., History, National Taiwan University
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5105
  • Email:au1287@au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:Korean Tourism, Food Culture, Cultural Tourism
  • Taught Courses:Tourism Culture, Gourmet Creative Culture, Northeast Asia International Tourism, Military Adventure Tourism 


Chun-Hsiao Chu

(Associate Professor)

朱純孝 老師

  • Education:Ph.D., Division of Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Office Phone Number:886-2-26212121#5111
  • Email:shawchu@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:Methodology, Statistical analysis, Travel Management, Tourism Transportation
  • Taught Courses:Travel Management, Tourism Transportation, Economics, Statistical Methods on Tourism Research, Research Methods



Huey-hsi Lo

(Assistant Professor)

  • Education:Ph.D., The Ohio State University 
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5109
  • Email:au4140@au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:Ecotourism, Tourism Planning, Destination Planning, Landscape Architecture
  • Taught Courses:Introduction to Tourism, Tourism seminar, Tourism Planning, Ecotourism, National Park,  International Tourism Trend


Lieh-Chi Su

(Assistant Professor)

蘇烈頎老師 Lieh-Chi Su

  • Education:Ph.D., Department of Animal Science and Technology, National Taiwan University
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5115
  • Email:lcsu@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:Hospitality Management, Food Safety and Sanitation, Processing of Dairy Products
  • Taught Courses:Hospitality Management, Food Safety  and Sanitation in Catering, Marketing Management


Hui-Kuo Liu

(Assistant Professor)


  • Education:Ph.D.
  • Office Phone Number:886-026212121#5112
  • Email:au4202@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:Ecology, Ecotourism
  • aught Courses:Seminar of Tourism, World Heritage, Planning and management of national park, Tourism Japanese, Green Tourism Studies


Patrick Li

(Assistant Professor)


  • Education:Ph.D. Candidate
  • Office Phone Number:886-0226212121#5110
  • Email:au4101@mail.au.edu.tw
  • Research Expertise:  Hospitality HR, Food saftey system, Tourism big data  
  • Taught Courses:Hotel management,Cruise tourism, TOEIC, MICE management
























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