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The Development Plan

The medium-term development plan of Department of Tourism is to cultivate qualified staffs in tourism industry based on the educational concepts of Alethea University and the national policy of tourism development through fundamental college education.
In June 2012 Department of Tourism at AU has been able to extend its Master’s Program in tourism on Taipei campus with approval so as to cultivate more executives in tourism industry. Looking forward to the year 2020, we take priority on fostering managers and executives of both middle and senior levels in tourism industry in this department. Meanwhile, the goal of equipping the personnel in tourism with professional skills will certainly be implemented. Starting from New Taipei City then aiming the whole East Asia, all the talents with a well-rounded education developed by our program will devote themselves to relative areas in the work place. 


The development goals of our Master’s program in accordance to the stage objectives of our department are as the following:

1. Hire experienced professors with doctoral degrees for the purpose of enhancing the standard of doing research as well as teaching and learning.
2. Hold international and cross-strait forums or seminars.

3. Provide cooperative education in winter and summer vacation in order to equip students with practical working experience and increase their competitiveness. 

4. Strive for the opportunities of academic research projects and industry-university cooperative research in tourism for the purpose of elevating the academic criterion.

5. Publish “Tourism Journal” to promote the academic interaction internationally for increasing the quality and quantity of studies. 

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